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⛰ Prism⛰
Rainbow Falls exploded with so many people on the day that I went. It was hard to compose a clear shot but I managed to get close to a full bloom of flowers that was far enough away from the large gathering of people who were peacefully protesting the “anywhere but home” sentiment. It didn’t seem to matter how cold the water was or who was there or how many times that one kid ( and you know who you are ) lost his shoe up stream and called for strangers turned acquaintances to grab it before it was gone, the mood never changed. Happy. John Muir was told by his wife to get out to the wild in order to retrieve himself from the hustle of everyday life. Seems like there is something in the wilderness she knew that he knew was there to help. Enough to make him happy and reconnect. And From what I saw, everyone in the wild water, even the kid with the shoe, left with a spirit like John Muir’s that I could only describe as being happy.



Covid Picture

Prism- Rainbow Falls Mammoth


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