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Enchanted Autumn

This was happening during dinner on a campsite location adjacent to the river. All night I could hear the river rushing. I knew at one point I would have to move towards the river while I was there. I had an idea of how the final image would look but I didn’t think it would be this good.


Convict Lake California in Mammoth

Prism - Rainbow Falls

⛰ Prism⛰ Rainbow Falls Mammoth California

Hallelujah - Doheny state beach

I missed the sunrise that morning and in the process of me running full speed toward the scenary I stopped at a nearby jetty to capture the escaping sunset while the waves crashed beside me.

Gods Mirror

A beautiful overlook of a rare site. A clear site after a storm gave way to a life changing view. A robust flowing Upper Yosemite Falls being reflected by a calm Merced River below. A rare site indeed.

The struggle

Natural phenomenon that turns a waterfall into a glowing beam of red and orange light

Private Lands

Private slot canyons in the Navajo lands in Cancho Arizona

Guiding Light

Beautiful sunrise on Bryce Point Utah

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