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Vernal Falls in Yosemite California. ⛰ Road less Traveled ⛰ . Ansel Adams made an image of Vernal Falls some time ago that floats in his gallery. It was a perspective I had long thought was no longer available to us today. I expressed my sadness to the artist that worked in the gallery at the park and he agreed. He said this image isn’t available to the photographer of this day that won’t explore ( double negative). You can only find this image on a road less traveled. He took out is phone and air dropped me the coordinates. As you can see I got the shot. We went twice and got lost 3 times. Knowing that the best light is in the morning we determined to leave at 4 to see the sun rise over a water fall that exposed a picture that not many men will risk their health to see.

Road Less Travelled Landscape


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